3 Top Things to Never Say to an Autism Mom

Often times people try to over empathize that they just end up sounding crude and insensitive.  I can say with full certainty that many of the really, really stupid things I have heard came from a person that just simply did not understand autism or a mom’s unending sacrifice to the cause.  Below are 3 Top Things to Never Say to an Autism Mommy:

  1. “I’m so sorry for you. You deserve a ‘normal’ child.”
  2.  “Are you scared to have another child when you’re married. Because what if, well, you know…?”
  3. “You must be exhausted dealing with the SPECIAL ways you have to deal with your SPECIAL daughter.”

Sigh. Do you get my drift? What the above phrase do is force a mommy to be on the defensive and to either prove you wrong or punch you in the face. Please friends, lets show restraint, love and acceptance. What is normal anyway? My daughter can look at a building and breakdown it’s architectural structure. She knows the anatomical details of the heart. Nevaeh break dances, rap battles, prefers to be called a hero instead of princess and has the most compassionate heart that I have ever seen.

I encourage everyone to learn more than what they have and experience things they never would have. Stretch your mind because your ignorance could be the very tool that could hurt someone.

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Hi, Antoinette here. I am a writer, mother, twin sister and newly paddle board lover. I am striving everyday to be the best mom that I can to my little girl Nevaeh. It's just us two, rocking it out and hoping to inject autism acceptance worldwide!

4 thoughts on “3 Top Things to Never Say to an Autism Mom

  1. No one is trying to be offensive. Honestly, I would have asked one of those questions. I have had several students with autism, and it is a lot of work! One of my parents of a student with autism said she is not having anymore children because of all the time she spends with this one. Because of my experiences, I might ask if you would have another child, although I’d word it differently. I’d ask, do you plan to have more children because I really want to know. But that is a question that I’d ask to any parent. My point is that people ask questions because they are curious, and are not trying to be offensive. But you know it is offensive to call someone ignorant, so you are clearly trying to offend. So does that make you any better than anyone else?


    1. Thanks Kaleesha for commenting here and on the fan page. You’ve inspired me to write another post, btw!

      The more informed people are the less likely they will be able to make comments that harm instead of heal.

      Thanks for commenting!


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