New Year Thoughts

2016 was an interesting year for so many families. I have been blessed to interact with other mommies and hearing how they’ve with their school districts, others were frustrated with their child’s IEP and through all that, I have been able to encourage and offer resources to many. 

I love talking to parents and people in general who are interested in the unknown world of ASD.  Because, let’s face it–the only thing a person knows about ASD is all observed behavior. Nothing with a real, concrete and in depth data points to go off of. 

 So, Nevaeh and I thought we would follow the advice of friends and publish a blog for 2017.  I have a collection of information from therapists, study centers to my own weird techniques that have really done right to come against old doctors expectations and turn my daughter into a living, breathing story of hope and perseverance. 

I will admit that I am absolutely terrified. I’m terrified of putting myself out there among the unknown and speaking about subjects that are so near and dear to my heart. Group hug!

Here’s Christmas kisses to 2016 and WELCOME to 2017! 

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Hi, Antoinette here. I am a writer, mother, twin sister and newly paddle board lover. I am striving everyday to be the best mom that I can to my little girl Nevaeh. It's just us two, rocking it out and hoping to inject autism acceptance worldwide!

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